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Are you parenting a child described as energetic, sensitive/needy, challenging or out of control?  Is your family suffering from the stressors of defiance, temper-tantrums, mood swings or lack of motivation at home or school?  Are you feeling disconnected from your child or feeling like you are failing at parenting?  Have you tried a multitude of parenting philosophies only to find that your best efforts make the situation worse?  Are your relationships suffering?  Are you being encouraged to place your child on medication?  This is typical life with an intense child and it is not your fault.  The blame lies with traditional parenting and teaching methods that backfire with intense children.  It is impossible for them not to because intense children are drawn to intense relationship.   Traditional parenting approaches provide more energetic relationship as the behavior gets worse and this is a recipe for failure.

Now the good news.  The Nurtured Heart Approach is NOT about learning a new way to control behavior, but rather a philosophy that teaches significant adults how to celebrate successes in such a way that negativity no longer holds value.  It is about realigning a child with the best version of himself by shifting the focus off of negativity and shortcomings and on the the greatness that is within.  Intense and challenging children are very aware of where they fall short, are not successful and fail and this is often the very source of anxiety and depressive symptoms.   Nurtured Heart Approach is the process of guiding your child to rediscover the new "I am.."   It is not about generic praise that is external and superficial, but rather creating irrefutable moments of success out of every day moments.  It is about building an internal sense of self based in the truth of good choices and great character that typical parenting misses.  It is about arming yourself with the greatest parenting tool out there...positive relationship based in the truth of each new opportunity for creating success.

 If your child has been diagnosed with a diagnosis of ADHD, ODD, Anxiety,  Depression or ASD you do not have to give in to the notion that intensity is the enemy and a force that needs to be supressed.  Choose to create success, to relentlessly pursue your child's heart and to realign him with his greatness. It's already there. Choose to honor his intensity, transform your relationship and watch your child grow inner wealth and take healthy control over his/her behavior and emotions. 

As a Clinical Social Worker and Certified Nurtured Heart Approach trainer in Seattle, my mission is to help you fall madly in love with your challenging child again (and his intensity), to teach you the techniques of the Nurtured Heart Approach and to assist you in propelling your child into a renewed trajectory of success.  By learning to create and focus on present moment success, positive relationship and teaching social learning contextually, children redefine themselves and shift into a new trajectory of internalized success...greatness.  This is a journey where diagnoses and medications often fall away as a child's inner wealth grows. This is the beginning of a more inspiring journey for all!

Catherine Stafford, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker                                                                                
Certified Nurtured Heart Approach Trainer/Coach







 Let the Transformation Begin!