As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified NHA Trainer, families come to me when they are exhausted from the day to day stresses of having a challenging child and frustrated from desperate attempts with techniques that do not work. Typically they have implemented countless interventions, attempted a variety of parenting styles and have been treated by a multitude of professionals. Most children have mental health diagnoses and many are on medication. Family disharmony, sadness and despair are common. In a short time, with the foundation of Nurtured Heart Approach, families are experiencing the joys of life with a child in touch with his greatness; turning his intensity toward a path of success and healthy personal power. Parents experience a renewed feeling of optimism and joy from parenting. Through this process, the parent or adult becomes the powerful agent of change. You get to be the hero in this story!

Families who are successful with this approach are those who are committed to doing whatever it takes to help their child. They are strong and opinionated, often very intense themselves, but are open to learning new things. The Nurtured Heart Approach is counter-intuitive; a radically different style of parenting and teaching than how most were raised and how our culture prescribes. The great news is that it is simple, easy to learn and success comes quickly. With commitment to the principles of the Nurture Heart Approach, children and families are transformed in a positive and enduring way.

Services Offered

Parent Coaching- Individual training in the techniques of the Nurtured Heart Approach, tailored to your family needs.  Most coaching occurs in the office setting, but home visits/support available on a private pay basis (cannot bill insurance for this service).

Individual Therapy-  Therapy services for children and adults who present with a variety of previous diagnoses, including behavioral diagnoses, ADHD, anxiety, depression and Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Children love this new "greatness" therapy.

Couples therapy-  Learn how the philosophy of the Nurtured Heart Approach can transform your relationship from the inside out.

Sibling Support 

Community Trainings-  Workshops available for school and community as partial day trainings. Behavioral consultations and follow up coaching also available.

For more information on NHA in education settings, I would recommend reading Notching Up the Nurtured Heart Approach- The New Inner Wealth Initiative for Educators (2011).

No more "good job!" This is a new definition of Praise.  Rather than creating praise junkies, who cannot funtion without adult praise, NHA encouragement is specific reflections of how a child is currently demonstrating great choices and character.  This is the process of growing a profoundly positive sense of self, steeped in first hand experiences of being successful.