Nurture My Heart- Igniting the Greatness in Every Child and Teacher, Nurture My Heart- Igniting the Greatness in Every Student are great tools for those just beginning the approach.  They provide both a summary of the Nurtured Heart Approach as well as an illustrated story that can be used to introduce the approach to children.  These books are being used in families and schools around the country.  They are available on line through and barnes&


"Catherine Stafford has accurately captured the essence of the approach in these beautifully illustrated, rhyming books.  She has provided parents and professionals alike a valuable resource that demonstrates just how simple it is to nurture a child's heart and transform and situation from negativity to positivity and success.  I am delighted to recommend them wholeheartedly!" Howard Glasser, MA, Creator of the Nurtured Heart Approach and Bestselling author

Amazon Reviews- Five Stars

"Every pre-school and elementary school will benefit greatly from having this delightful book as part of their social curriculum. Catherine Stafford, LCSW and Nurtured Heart Approach trainer has captured the essence of the approach beautifully. The back of the book contains a wonderful synopsis of the approach to assist teachers who are just learning how to reflect this powerful and transforming message. Look for more from this brilliant author!"  Jeri Bell, MFT- CA

"Catherine Stafford had found a path right to the heart of a child and the soul of their Greatness" Dr. Robert Page- NC

"I highly recommend this book not only to other professionals, but to the countless parents/caregivers who want to not only nurture their children's heart, but in the process their own" Toni Rose, Child Behavioral Specialist- IN

"As a parent, this makes a fabulous tool for teaching your children about the importance and beauty of healthy relationships, inner wealth, and giving energy to the positive things children do and not the negative. I read this book to my daughter every day." Stephanie Rule- CA

"As a family therapist, child advocate and Nurtured Heart Approach Trainer, I am delighted to see this book in print and available to children and parents. The rhymes are delightful and the artwork magnificent. The rhymes and pictures hold a child's attention while they hear the marvelous message about their greatness in terms they can relate to. The back pages of the book contain a wonderful synopsis of the Nurtured Heart Approach to help parents stay on track! This is a proven, tested method of parenting that works and everyone wins. Written for the regular child and the challenging child alike. My granddaughters love this book! Bravo, Catherine!"  Jeri Bell, MFT- CA

10% of all proceeds from Catherine's book sales are donated to support the Children's Success Foundation.

10% of all proceeds of any NHA books by Catherine Stafford will be donated to the Children's Success Foundation.

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